Saturday, June 17, 2017

10 things that make me happy

I haven’t blogged for a long time and so when I came across this "30 day writing challenge", thought of taking it up. Felt that these exercises will give you a road-map if you like to write but have a resistance sometimes.  I don’t want to force myself just for the sake of writing, so I don’t think I’ll be doing it continuously. However planning to do 3-4 posts per week.
So the first prompt is “10 things that make me happy”
There are many little things that make me happy on a daily basis – a flower that blooms in my garden, the smell of brewing coffee beans, snuggling under the warm blanket on a cold weather, welcoming antics of my dogs when I get back home, getting personal calls/chats/messages, a nice warm hug, the small thin crust pizza from the neighboring pizzeria, popping a bubble wrap and the list goes on... Probably these are the everyday things worth celebrating which we don’t appreciate enough and take them for granted. There are still many more that instantly lifts me up in whichever mood I am in.
So below is my “Cheer Up” list, in no particular order:
1)     Journals and Photographs
I love writing journals and read through them many many years later. It’s so funny to realize how naive you were and how much you and your situations have changed from that. Same way, I can look at the old photographs for hours together and relive those moments in my head. For that matter anything that evokes memories - a handwritten letter, old greeting cards, a gift – all of these evoke a feeling of happiness in my mind.

2)     Smell of rain
I have written this earlier – Rain for me is an emotion. It brings an instant smile to my face. The smell of soil when it first rains, the pitter patter sound, the puddles it leaves behind - everything is just perfect (ok almost. I’m not counting the flooding drains and traffic jam in Bangalore which are more of man-made disasters)

3)     My friends and family
I am the luckiest to have a huge support group of genuine and long standing friends all through my life. Most of my friends are from school time and we are still in touch and share the same bond whichever part of the world we are in. Even in the later life, I have gained quite a few from office, from my travels, from the volunteering organizations I worked and such. It's more like the thin line between friends and family doesn't exist with them. So there's nothing better than meeting up with a few of them for a meal or just a coffee and have a hearty conversation right? And it doesn't even have to be a meet - even a sudden call or a random message from a friend surely makes my day and gives an instant happiness!

4)     Reading a good book
I am not a voracious reader and so it has to be a really good book that can totally immerse me in. That book which I just can't put down, where the characters come alive, where the book-world seems as real as the real world. And finally when I reach that last page; it’s not a happy feeling, it's euphoric. And sometimes it also make me sad that the book is over and there are no more pages to turn over.

5)     Babies
They are ridiculously cute. Aren't they? The chubby little cheeks, twinkling little eyes and the happy little smiles have a certain honesty and a complete sense of innocence that's difficult to find in grown-ups. And I think it’s not just limited to humans, even the antics of baby animals are so adorable. I guess babies represent new hopes, new aspirations and kind of brings in a flood of positivity in everyone.

6)     Nature
Brown Earth, flowing rivers, sprawling mountains, crystal-clear lakes, dense forests, colorful flowers, warmer tones around sunrise and sunset, the ocean waves repeatedly crashing on to the beach – who can resist admiring these beauties. Nature has so much to offer us, if we simply slow down to enjoy it. I will always remember that moment of awe when I stood watching the sunlight leak out through the clouds over the mountains of Chembra Peak in Wayanad, or the way the sunrise turned Mt Neelkanth in Badarinath to a striking shade of gold or the sudden appearance of a double rainbow in front of us during a stroll in the park in Munich. Nothing else has given me as much joy as these small sights and yes it certainly makes me happier, kinder and more creative J

7)     Take Vacations
I can write essays and essays on this topic. Travelling is about gaining new experiences and insights, meeting new people, understanding their culture, admiring the beauty and also challenging our own boundaries. Although I like to plan all the details of my trip to a T, I have experienced that things can take a surprise turn like this. But knowing that whatever happens, you can deal with these situations and that there is a way around the problem is a big boost to self-confidence and happiness. I believe travel can make you a better person than you are today. It helps me to broaden my horizons and adapt a totally global view in everything.

8) Helping someone
    No I'm not talking about giving to charity or volunteering in NGOs. Of-course most of us do that in order to enrich our own lives and boost our self-esteem and yes that also gives happiness in it's own way. But what I am referring to is about doing some kindness for a person sitting next to us that we often ignore - a family member, a stranger, a colleague, our spouse, anyone we come across in our day to day life. It can be as simple as giving a smile and being friendly. Or maybe stopping to help when we see someone pulled over with a flat tyre or teaching a neighborhood grandma to use a computer. If you see someone in grief, comfort  them with a hug or a kind word or just by lending a listening ear. Often someone who is sad, depressed, angry, or frustrated just needs someone who will listen. Just be there, sit with them, talk, help out if you can - it all matters more than we know and make their day a little better.

9) Art and Crafts
     I love making and learning new crafts. It is therapeutic and it has the power to engage me so fully, till I finish the learning part 😑 After that I may not repeat the same again but it's so much fun to explore and try out any new form of art

10) Weekends!
Today is Friday eve and I’m already beaming with happiness 😉 Not sure what is behind this feeling - is it the possibility of that extra sleep or the opportunity to laze around or having enough time to pursue your creative ventures? Anyways it can definitely help boost my mood

Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembering the journey

Most of my blogger friends are celebrating their blog's 10th anniversary and I see many blogging marathons happening in the blogosphere. For me, my blogger profile says I've been on Blogger since December 2004, so technically it's my 12th anniversary as a blogger. But since most of my previous blogging trials were short-lived I can claim only the last ten years ;) 

Oct 7th 2006 was 
when I started this blog and it took me a couple of months to gather the courage to make this public. When I started I thought it's going to be my private diary, just me and my thoughts, and no one will read it. But over a period of time, I got so many friends here and even though the blogging frequency reduced, the friends remained. So I just wanted to acknowledge the space and the support I got from here.

Ten years

We keep saying "time flies" but I really can't believe it's been ten years. 
An entire decade has whizzed by!!  This chapter of my life has been...everything -  wonderful, exciting, scary, insecure, confusing, fuzzy and heartwarming. It's certainly been the most intense decade of my life. And I am grateful for all of it - the buzzing highs, shattering lows and everything in between.

So many things changed - my environment, my life, my outlook, my job, even places I lived. Along with all these changes even my blog, the frequency in which I write, my tone of writing all changed. But I also realized that beyond all these superficial changes, there is me that doesn’t change. Come to think of it, our blog is our virtual home right? At some point in the chaotic life, you have had enough and you choose to leave it behind to explore other things that lies beyond. And after some time you miss the home and want to come back. But sometimes when you have packed your bags and said your goodbyes it gets difficult to do that... 

Anyways I am so grateful for the connections I have made through this little space in the internet. Without this blog, I wouldn't have had a way into your home and life and you wouldn't have had a way into mine. You are all part of my extended family and I am touched that you have ventured over to this space, read what I wrote, and connected with me.

And I appreciate YOU!

Your comments help me to know you more. I know there are many anonymous readers. Tell me who you are and why you are here. Even why you like reading my blog and what do you want to read about will be an icing on the cake. If not just say a Hi
Won't you?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Onam - Opening the Treasure Chest of Memories

Another Onam has gone past and for me it is a festival that evokes so many memories; some very nostalgic and some bittersweet. Like in most Kerala Hindu households, we celebrate only two main festivals in a year - Onam and Vishu. In both these, the highlight was the kodi or new dress as those days’ new dresses where limited only to these festive occasions and the lip smacking sadhya in a plantain leaf. And of-course Onam used to be tad more favorite coz of the 10 days of school vacation after the first term 'Onam Examinations'.

During my childhood, the first activity related to Onam used to be preparing of pookkalam (floral carpet) early morning on a small cow dung smeared patch in the yard. All the flowers came from our garden itself and the variety of designs used to be in the colors of flowers and leaves used. After the exams when the vacation starts, the designs became more grand and intricate.  There were also the small local kids groups who used to do the Kummatikali and Puli kali. They move from house to house collecting money and amusing children. And temple visit was mandatory on Thiruvonam day.

When I moved to the city for work, the pookkalam decors were limited to the office ones during the customary Onam celebrations. Where else to find a cow dung smeared yard or a backyard to pluck flowers? And I was not in favor of store brought flowers for a ritual that was originally meant for integrating humans with nature. Every year a visit to home was mandatory as amma was very particular about the family to be together at least for Thiruonam which was the main festival day. I used to enjoy these visits as I always felt the high-spirited people of Kerala celebrated Onam with gaiety and fervor. So there used to be high energy in the air during this time in Kerala. During my travels in train, I used to enjoy looking at the different pookkalams in front of the houses and the happy kids playing. The landscape itself would have turned fully green with blooms all around. The heavy monsoon would have given way to an occasional drizzle as if to keep the atmosphere cool. The Nila on the way used to be full only in this season and would give a loud echo as train passed through. The markets and cloths shops would be crowded and some onam fairs/melas would be seen everywhere.
I remember for one Onam when I couldn't take leave, acchan and amma travelled to Bangalore. That was the first time they had come to blr in the entire seven years’ timeframe I was here and it was the last Onam together for us as a family. They stayed for a month where we went for some site seeing which was again a first except may be some temple visits. Three months later acchan passed away.  Next Onam was difficult without acchan, but I didn't want amma to be alone on an Onam day either. So as was the tradition, went home and that's when amma first complained of her chest pain. So despite being the Thiruvonam day I took her to hospital and though the junior doctor doubted some variations in ECG, the senior doctor told that it is fine and she just needs to come for regular checkups. On hindsight, I feel I should have waited for one more day for the hospital visit as doctors also might have been in a hurry to join their family on this festive day.  Unfortunately the junior doctor's diagnosis was correct and amma joined acchan the very next week. Onams after that was literally a nightmare although I kept coming back to an empty house and made the sadhya all alone year after year. After my marriage I couldn't continue as my in-laws felt going to an empty house for Onam was not required (which was logical), but the very thought that the house is silent and locked for Onam gave me heartaches but I didn't have a choice.

So this year, it felt so surreal to be back in a lively livable house for Onam after almost a decade. It was so fulfilling to walk on the familiar streets, the buzzing market places, to visit the neighborhood temple, or just be in the Thrissur round watching the Puli kali procession. Onam has changed in a huge manner over the years and there won't be any going back. Almost all traditional flowers in pookkalams has given way to market bought ones which are cultivated exclusively for Onam season, Onakkodi has lost it's significance as now we buy new dresses without any occasion, home-made sadhya is slowly giving way to ready-made ones, Onam family gatherings are giving way to club celebrations , traditional onam games are almost extinct and the biggest entertainment seems to be the 'beverages'. Now a days I hardly see any Kummatti groups coming to houses and even Pulikali seems to have gone the commercial way. Nila has remained dry even this season which indicates the severe damage we have done to the nature and although originally a harvest festival, not many families are into agriculture and so nothing to harvest and 'buying' is the new norm. But as they say sometimes you will never know the true value of A Moment until it becomes a Memory... So just wanted to cherish these moments and record it before it fades away from my memory.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Live your best life

Few days back was Women’s Day and it came with all the bells and whistles and everyone was so compelled to say or do something that acknowledged the day. I guess as soon as the clock stuck midnight, women got back to their favorite game of juggling – cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. at home or if at work – calls, meetings, mails and the innumerable to do lists. And the worst part is she is always guilt ridden and has this fear of being a bad mother/wife/daughter even if she is doing things much better than her men counterparts. Funny thing is I don’t understand why people think 15% discount in the neighborhood beauty parlor or playing a women only game can empower women!!!  Same way I don’t understand how men and women can be equal when our physical attributes, sensibilities inclinations and emotions are so very different! Anyways that's for another time.

Now I just felt like jotting down these points which I felt is important to move ahead when women get hit by emotional exhaustion (yeh most women do). Maybe a few applies to men as well J

1)     Discover yourself
This is definitely the toughest challenge in life for anyone. Take some time and think about the things that you really like to do, things you used to enjoy, your hobbies, your heart’s desires, goals and dreams. If we are spending too much time to fit into everyone else’s perception, we will eventually forget who we really are. So, by all means, be a good daughter/wife/friend/mother; but be yourself and realize your own potential first.
As they say, you are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.

2)     Overcome your fears
Everyone has their fears, their weaknesses and their selfishness in spite of how much experience, talent or confidence they have. Let it be..  Just go out of your comfort zone, start something new, take risk and do something that you have never done before. 
Remember the quote: ’’Today’’ is what you did and thought yesterday, and ’’tomorrow’’ is what you do and think today

3)     Keep your old friends
I have felt that staying connected to people from my past is an important happiness booster. In each stage of our lives, we would have had great friends and great experiences, but when we move to the next stage, we find it difficult to stay connected to them. It is sad that usually in the hierarchy of relationships, we keep friendships at the bottom. Family, children, romantic partner all these comes first. But remember good friends are hard to come by. So don’t lose one just because we are lazy and egoistic to get in touch.

4)     Learn to Relax
Probably most of the women especially the perfectionists find it very difficult. There is no need to micromanage every single thing happening around us (unless it is rocket science). Few unfolded clothes or untidy dishes will not bring the world down. So accept things as they are and let go of your expectations. We can’t move on if we are stressed about little things all the time and don’t know how to relax.

5)     Be kind
Open your heart through acts of caring and compassion for both nature and all of humanity. It can be a small gesture as simple as a warm smile to a stranger, a kind word or positive remark to the office boy, a pat on the head for a street dog. We never know what kind of day that person is having and that smile might just make their day a whole lot nicer.
And, No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Wishlist for the New year :)

It's a brand New Year and I thought I MUST sneak in to this ignored space at-least now. First and foremost, Wish you and your loved ones a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015 !  May the new year bring to you everything your heart's desire and let the coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.. :)

Although, theoretically, any day can be a new start, there is always an excitement in the air when the old calendar gets replaced by the new - isn't it? We all resolve(at-least mentally) to be that better person we always wanted to be.. Even-though, in most cases, we hardly stand by them for a week/month, and yeh I am no exception ;) However, does it prevent me from reflecting on some changes that I really want in this year - stuff that can give me a sense of excitement and fulfillment? Definitely No.  So here is my wish list for the year..

1) Read, Learn , Make
    I have a huge backlog of "to-read" books and "to-take" courses in my wish list and I am planning to clear them one by one. Planning to complete 1 book a month and at least 2 courses this year. And need to remind myself to make some art - write or draw or build or grow new stuff - all those small things that makes me happy

2) Pick a few good habits
    I had complained about my wardrobe item's obsession to be size zero and for some reason they are doing it with a vengeance now. So I don't have an option other than to shed those extra pounds and any delay is going to warrant a complete wardrobe replacement. I know this is the toughest challenge given my crazy eating habits and laziness. Some small steps that I'm planning to take are
 1) Drink at least 2 litres of water daily
 2) Eat 3 proper meals a day n not their chocolate/snack substitutes
 3) Include 4-5 servings of fruits n vegetables daily
 4) Exercise/walk at least 5 days a week

3) Take a vacation
   Of late, although I have traveled (rather shuttled between places) a lot, there has never been a real vacation or a relaxed trip. In fact, even our honeymoon trip is pending even after 2 years!!! So I really wish to make at least one long vacation this year and yeh short ones are always welcome :)

4) And for this abstract one
Try, try out everything out there that interests me (yes I have a long list here)
Experiment – some fail, some work. Learn and move on, to another one

Finally, whatever is in the list, It's certain that we make those things happen which is something that we really, really want. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, I will surprise myself :) 

It is said that to heighten the chances of succeeding with your resolutions, make sure to tell lots of people what you are doing. I would be happy to find someone with the same or similar resolutions to be my change-buddy - we can support one another as we go through the process. Anyone?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The importance of Today

                                                          Source: http:// Asja, CC BY 2.0,

"What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it"

I read this quote and was thinking about it for a long time. We all know life is not endless and the no of days in it are very much limited. Still why do we pretend as if it is unlimited and so much time is left to do all we love to do? Most of the time we dream of some imaginary point in future when we have sorted out all our issues and problems to start "living"!

Earlier in the day, I was doing some case studies and came across innumerable real life stories of people in their 20's and 30's or even younger who fell prey to diseases like Alzheimer’s/Dementia/Cancer and what not.. Some  of them struggled and came out victorious, some succumbed, some still waiting for help.. And again another note from one of those patients that strike a chord with me is "Those of us with Alzheimer’s are better off looking at what we have left… not obsessing about that we have lost". And I guess it's true for all of us. Life throws you surprises, in all possible ways, whether you like it or not. So why wait until you are shaken up to live your life?
Start today, remember it will never come again...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Beginnings

I know I have been ignoring this space for long, but believe me, I really feel guilty about it. There was a time when I was totally addicted to blogging and the blogging world and struggled to come out of it. But somewhere down the lane, things changed and it became once in a blue-moon affair. But this is the place where I always came back to vent out my emotions and it kind of recorded my life events and feelings. Many people came into my life only because of this small space and have affected my life in ways I would have never expected. So I felt it's unfair not to record it here when another important turning point happened in my life...

Some of you who knows me outside of this blog might already know about it.  Anyways the news is that I got married!!! It's already 6 months now, but the fact remains that it's yet to sink in. Many a times we both wonder how it all happened! For me it really feels odd when I think that this person who was a complete stranger to me till a few months back, has somehow become the reason behind anything that means something in my life right now :)

And as I embark on this new journey, wish me luck and shower your blessings and good wishes please. I need lots and lots of it :)
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